ICCN 2023

Presenter Resources

ICCN 2023 Presentation Guidelines

The complete Scientific Program is available on the Full Program page.  

Note: Each presentation must include a disclosure slide. Presenters are strongly encouraged to use the ICCN2023 presentation slide template. All session room screens will be in 16:9 format. 

The presentation type was emailed to all abstract submitters. If you have any questions, please email the Program Manager at ICCN-program@icsevents.com.

Plenary, Session, Workshop and Symposia Speakers are asked to confirm the duration of their presentation with the session chair or the Program Manager

Instructional Session Presenters will be given the opportunity of a 60-minute presentation and are asked to prepare a PowerPoint presentation with a maximum of 60 slides (not including title, author and disclosure slides).

Oral Abstract Presenters will be given the opportunity of a 15-minute presentation (12 minutes + 3 minutes Q&A) and are asked to prepare a PowerPoint presentation with a maximum of 12 slides (not including title, author, and disclosure slides).

Oral Rapid Fire Abstract Presenters will be given the opportunity of a 5-minute presentation and are asked to prepare a PowerPoint presentation with a maximum of 5 slides (not including title, author, and disclosure slides).

ePoster Abstract Presenters will receive an email with detailed instructions to log into the virtual poster platform. 

ePoster presentations can be created directly in the platform. Presenters will have the option to also upload supporting documentation and a short video presentation.  

All ePosters will remain on the virtual platform for 12 months. 

Please use the link sent to you by iccn-program@icsevents.com to upload your Headshot and Bio. To have the link resent to you, please contact the Program Manager.

  • The presenting author must control all content. Commercial interests may not influence scientific content by requiring the use of company slide decks or other materials. Scientific data generated by industry-sponsored research is permissible.  
  • The content of educational activities must be well-balanced, evidence-based, and unbiased. Generic names should be used to the extent possible.  
  • Slides, abstracts, and handouts cannot contain corporate advertising, QR codes, logos, trade names, or product-group messages.  
  • Acknowledgments at the close of presentations should be limited to non-commercial entities, e.g., education or research institutions, foundations, patients, other faculty or researchers, and should not include the names of corporate institutions. 

Download the ICCN2023 PPT Template

PowerPoint Best Practices:  


  • Your presentation must be prepared in PowerPoint2000 or any later PowerPoint Version (MS Windows) 
  •  Set the slide size of the page to “On-screen show” and landscape orientation in the page set-up section. (Portrait orientation will not be displayed properly)   


  • Use high-contrast lettering, and not too much text per page (max. 5-10 lines or 15-20 words). 
  • Font sizes should be no smaller than size 14 or 16 for maximum visibility. 
  • Make sure you use high-contrast colors for the best definition of your text. Please be aware that red letters or lines are usually not visible.  
  • Avoid special characters: To avoid any compatibility problems, please do not use special characters (i.e. “, Ö, Ø, ñ, ?, ®, ý, }, { etc) to name your presentation files  
  • File name format: 
    •  Presentation date.Time.Room.LastName.Version.ppt
    • for example: 
      • Sep29.0900.AuditoriumA.Smith.V2.pptx
      • Oct02.1430.Conference3.Gretsky.V1.pptx 

Content and Organization:

  • As a general rule, you should not present more than 1 slide per minute.  
  • Do not read the slides word for word. Visual material provides cues and images to support your verbal presentation.  
  • Make sure your presentation has a clear flow from introduction to conclusion. Identify key points and why they are important. 
  • Include take-home points. Consider which 2-3 points you want the audience to remember after your presentation. 
  • The inclusion of a disclosure slide is mandatory even if you have no conflicts to declare. 
  • Less is more! Include relevant information on your slides, supplemented and explained by your verbal presentation. 
  • Presentation slides must be uploaded no later than 24 hours before the start of the presentation, using this UPLOAD LINK.
  • If you missed the upload deadline, you can bring your presentation on a USB Stick and upload it to the laptop in the session room at least 2 hours before your presentation. 
  • Volunteers in the session rooms will assist in uploading your presentation.

Each room will provide: 

  • Projection Screen 
  • Projector 
  • PC computer 
  • Podium microphone 
  • Volunteers to assist speakers with their presentation 
  • Technician in the room to assist with technical problems